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Untitled Drawing by BriettaxSans
fanart - moonlight by linkhead2
Goldlight by BriettaxSans2
Lizzlight by BriettaxSans

Gallery Folders

A stupid school comic about Twilight by Sparklecat16
Twilight the Cat (2017 Bio) by Sparklecat16
Moonlight X Golden Freddy (GIFT) by Sparklecat16
Melody as Snow White (FNAG) by Sparklecat16
Moonlight ChickFox-2017 Bio by KyraTheWolf0001
A Visual Representation... by Ur4niumPineapple
Jacob Fazbear by Hiyoko-little-chick
Lizzy Foxbat
Funtime Frizzy stamp by MoonLitSkecth123
possessed/sad Lizzy Foxybat by KyraTheWolf0001
The FNAF Girly Gang by Sparklecat16
Vixi the Fox
Vixi Fox---FNaG by KyraTheWolf0001
The FNAF Girly Gang by Sparklecat16
sad/possessed Vixi the fox by KyraTheWolf0001
Twilight the Cat
Twilight the Cat (2017 Bio) by Sparklecat16
She's mine you silly bunny---Twimare vs Twionnie by KyraTheWolf0001
The FNAF Girly Gang by Sparklecat16
sad/possesed Twilight the cat by KyraTheWolf0001
Crystal the Cat
sad/possesed Crystal the cat by KyraTheWolf0001
The FNAF Girly Gang by Sparklecat16
Powerstar the FoxChick-Request by KyraTheWolf0001
Ask FNaF+MLP #73 by KyraTheWolf0001
Shadow Freddy
Melody as Snow White (FNAG) by Sparklecat16
Collab-Bubblegum meets Bubblegum by KyraTheWolf0001
FNAG Ships
Contest Entery:A Kiss on the cheek:VixLight by KyraTheWolf0001
Alternate Universes
Springtrap x Golden Freddy-GoldTrap-Stamp F2U by KyraTheWolf0001

Recent Journal Entries


shipping for FNaG

Fnag Ships:
Goldie x Moonlight
Vixi( :iconrosedrawsforyou: )x Moonlight
Thundertrap x Powerstar( :iconflurryfire: )
Pheonix ( :iconpheonixheart1: )x Sloth ( :iconallenator9: )
Stitches x Melody
W.Goldie x W.Moonlight
W.Moonlight x Vixi
W.Stitches x Melody
Shadstitches x Shadbonnibelle
Shadfred x Shadbon
Shadvixi x Shadmoonlight
W.Pheonix x sloth
W.Powerstar x Thundertrap
Lizzy( :iconbriettatheskeleton: )x Ennella(female ennard because ballora is with male ennard in this)
Circus Kasey x Ennora
Circus Billy x Bidyreena
P.Goldie x P.Moonlight
P.Vixi x P.Moonlight
P.Billy x Milliebab
N.Goldie x N.Moonlight
N.Vixi x J.O.Moonlight
N.Powerstar x N.Thundertrap
J.O.Powerstar x N.Thundertrap
Natalie x N.Stella
Stella x Bonnibelle
(Fnag world ships are the same as these ones)
Pixi x lexi
Pinky x Catrina
Cami( :iconrosedrawsforyou: ) x Kayla
F.Moonlight x vivi puppet
F.Moonlight x Vixi
F.Moonlight x F.Fredbear
Marcy x Yenndo
F.Twilight( :iconsparklecat16: ) x F.N.Bonnie
Lola x Sparkle
PlushBawn x PlushLight

Oc ships 4 fnaf:
Melody x stitches
Vixi x moonlight
Twilight x icy/lizzy
Fronnie x Goldlight
Mixi x Quinn
Nightmare quinn x maggie
Nightmare fronnie x angel
Springbunbun x amber
Chloe x VixTrap
Hope x Midnight
Clara x Charlie Mitchells
Cadey x Lily

the fnaf silver eyes book ships:
charlie x john
foxy x chica
freddy x bonnie
jessica x carlton
marla x lamar
golden freddy x moonlight

sonic ships:
sonic x amy
shadow x amy
shadow x sonia
sally acorn x fiona fox
tails x cream
charmy x marine
vector x vannilla
scourge x star(my oc)
miles x rosey rascal

steven universe ships:
peridot x lapis
pearl x steven
connie xamethyst
greg x rose
pearl x jewl(my oc)
ruby x sapphire

Ships for all my versions of moonlight(my fnaf oc):
Moonlight(o) x golden freddy
Moonlight(o) x vixi
Moonlight(o) x toy bonnie
Moonlight(o) x nightmare
Clara(tm) x fnag(five nights at goldies) 2 guard(the guard is female)-charlie mitchels
Kate(wm) x withered golden freddy
Penny(pm) x phantom golden freddy
Misty(nm) x nightmare fredbear/fredbear
Pumpkin(jom) x nightmare fredbear/fredbear
Penny(pm) x phantom vixi
Misty(nm) x nightmare vixi
Pumpkin(jom) x nightmare vixi
Skye(dc) x kenny afton(fnaf 4 kid)
Skye(dc) x vixi's ghost
Moon(am) x adventure fredbear
Moon(am) x adventure vixi
Clara(tm) x vixi
Ellie(fm) x funtime fredbear
Ellie(fm) x vixi puppet//vivi
Marcy(fmes) x yendo

Group Info

this group is for my fnaf fan game called five nights at goldies.
cannon shipping:
moonlight x golden freddy(dating)
vixi x moonlight(only crush at the moment but they both know they like each-other)
stitches x melody(dating)
moonlight x pheonix (ex gf's but they are best friends still. pheonix still likes moonlight though)

everyone is friends with each-other (exp. lizzy and vixi. golden freddy and shadow freddy. golden freddy and pheonix)

vixi x lizzy
golden freddy x shadow freddy
pheonix and golden freddy

sexuality and gender:
golden freddy-strait-male
shadow freddy-gay-male

best freinds:
vixi and moonlight
moonlight and powerstar and pheonix
golden freddy and stitches
clara and melody
shadow freddy and kasey and billy
lizzy and moonlight
(vixi's gonna be jealous that moonlight and lizzy are bff's)

uh thats it for the moment. if i think of anything else ill upload it.
Founded 6 Months ago
Dec 7, 2016


6 Members
8 Watchers
395 Pageviews
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Well there are all the affiliates :D
:iconthefnatgroup: TheFNATGroup Twilight and Friends's 1995 :iconvixixmoonlightfans: VixiXMoonlightFans


Untitled Drawing by BriettaxSans Untitled Drawing :iconbriettaxsans:BriettaxSans 5 2 fanart - moonlight by linkhead2 fanart - moonlight :iconlinkhead2:linkhead2 9 32 Goldlight by BriettaxSans2 Goldlight :iconbriettaxsans2:BriettaxSans2 4 3 Lizzlight by BriettaxSans Lizzlight :iconbriettaxsans:BriettaxSans 6 234 Moonlight .: A R T  T R A D E:. by Carritrap Moonlight .: A R T T R A D E:. :iconcarritrap:Carritrap 12 6 Best Friends! (Moonlight and Twilight) by Sparklecat16 Best Friends! (Moonlight and Twilight) :iconsparklecat16:Sparklecat16 6 3 Request for A friend!  by Sundapple1011 Request for A friend! :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 19 16 Gift for KyratheWolf!  by Sundapple1011 Gift for KyratheWolf! :iconsundapple1011:Sundapple1011 21 31 For Kyrathewolf  by lazypoptato For Kyrathewolf :iconlazypoptato:lazypoptato 4 7


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